Susan Lucci to launch her own Activewear line with QVC

Susan Lucci is set to launch her own Activewear line with QVC.

Lucci, better known as Erica Kane on All My Children, as well her roles in films like Joy (2015), has also been a Pilates practitioner for over 20 years, so it's no surprise she's very much into activewear which lead her to launch her own clothing line.

Dubbed the "Susan Lucci Collection", the line will feature a mix of tanks, leggings and jackets -- priced between $40-$70 -- that are all inspired by Lucci’s signature workout style. During an interview, Lucci 71-years-old, said: "It’s fan drive. I live in my activewear. I would go out to dinner with my husband in workout clothes, and people would compliment my outfit.During my Pilates Pro Chair segments viewers were asking what I was wearing and QVC heard that and now we’re responding to their requests by coming out with our own line". Lucci regularly makes on-air appearances at QVC to promote the Pilates Pro Chair and her personal workout DVD “Susan Lucci’s Favorite Moves".