Marvel Comics to launch new scripted podcast "Wolverine: The Long Night" by Green Arrow's Benjamin Percy, starring Richard Armitage as "Wolverine" in partnership with Stitcher Radio

Marvel and Stitcher Radio are partnering to produce the scripted podcast "Wolverine: The Long Night", as a 10-episode podcast by Green Arrow's Benjamin Percy starring Richard Armitage as Wolverine.

The podcast will be gritty crime story set in rural Alaska, which follows two agents investigating a murder in which the hero, a man called Logan — who is also mind-wiped — is the prime suspect. Writer Benjamin Percy said during an interview with Mashable how Wolverine’s lost memory adds dimension to his character: “He doesn’t know the whole terrible truth about his life. Part of the series is him recovering those memories and despite his attempts to separate himself from society, getting drawn into a situation where frontier justice is called for”.

Erik Diehn, CEO of Midroll Media, Stitcher Radio parent company, said in a statement: “Podcasting is an incredible, intimate medium that's perfect for telling stories, and I can’t think of a better partner with whom to push the boundaries of scripted podcasts than Marvel. They make every translation of their rich universe of characters into new media fresh and interesting while still retaining the feel and spirit of the original comics, and, as a Marvel fan, I’m proud that we’ve helped them do it again in podcasting. The arrival of Wolverine and his many fans to podcasts and Stitcher is truly a signal that this medium is a major part of the American media landscape”.